“Flying Gallop” by Celia Berrell

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Flying Gallop


Before Eadweard Muybridge

came along

most painters painted

their horses wrong.


When galloping, galloping

at great speed,

where would they paint the

legs of their steed?


We can hear when they gallop

and gallop at pace

there’s a break in the sound,

like their feet are in space.


So we know from this galloping

galloping sound,

there’s a time when all hooves

are NOT on the ground.


Like a carousel horse

with its legs all-stretched-out,

most artists made horse-legs

the wrong way about.


Then Muybridge’s movie

closed the affair.

Horse-legs are TUCKED

when all in the air.


Perched high on a horse,

we can’t really tell

as it’s hard to see where

a horse’s legs dwell.


And a galloping gallop’s like

flying as well.

So let’s soar on a horse

on a carousel!


Inspired by The Horse in Motion movie by EadweardMuybridge 1878

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