”A Homeless Christmas” by James Aitchison



’Twas the night before Christmas and I sat alone

In my usual doorway that I called my own.

The people rushed past me, laden with shopping,

They saw what I was but passed without stopping.

Some kids laughing brightly skipped past full of joy

And made me remember when I was a boy.

Carols were playing, and we sang round a tree:

Daddy and mummy, and my sister and me.

Often I’ve wondered how it all came unstuck —

’twas sometimes bad choices, and sometimes bad luck.

But who can I blame while the world is so gay,

’cause tomorrow will be just one more lost day.

                                                   James Aitchison

A great reminder to give to someone this Christmas Eve who has fallen on hard times.



2 thoughts on “”A Homeless Christmas” by James Aitchison

  1. This is lovely. Thank you for writing it. I think it’s so wise to remind ourselves that for some homeless people, it’s sometimes the bad choices of other people that result in the need to leave a home. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to sleep on a concrete footpath. If a dollar or two, or a few minutes of conversation can improve that, surely it’s what we should do.

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