“Goodnight” by Celia Berrell

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In 2019 we are celebrating 50 years since the first moon landing.  So this year, National Science Week has chosen the theme DESTINATION MOON.  At Science Rhymes, I will be inviting submissions for poems about ALL THINGS MOON.


It’s bedtime on the sea-front

and all the waves did sigh.

The moon tucked in the sea-bed

and went to shine on high.


The clouds made up a blanket

to keep the waters warm.

And Neptune watched the oceans

to keep them all from harm.


When children have their bed-time

their mother’s like a moon.

With beaming smiles and lullabies –

a sleepy goodnight tune.


Their bedclothes do the same as clouds

as in their beds they lie.

And like the waves, they drift to sleep

departing with a sigh.

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