“Who Nose the Way?” by Celia Berrell


Who Nose the Way?


Scientists find

a good sense of smell

goes hand-in-hand

with direction as well.


If spatial awareness

is one of your gifts,

it’s likely your nose has

superior sniff!


Discerning more scents

in the air we have crossed

may help with our sense

of NOT getting lost.


So “follow your nose”

as we like to say,

and “smell the roses”

along the way.



3 thoughts on ““Who Nose the Way?” by Celia Berrell

  1. A lovely poem Celia. Interesting notes, however I disagree with the scientists! I have an excellent sense of spacial awareness, out at sea, yet no sense of smell. Ask anyone who sits next to me after I forget deodorant! My number plates are AD 32 BO … phewww. Navigating on land – I’m worse than Mr Magoo.
    An excellent pic of a nose that knows and well-thought poem derived from the prose.

    • Thanks very much Andrew! I agree that there are always fabulous exceptions to any generalisation and metadata has made science a little more hasty in pointing out correlations. I have a very poor sense of direction so fit the profile quite well. Safe travels 🙂

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