“Friendship 7” by Chris Owen with Notes

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Friendship 7*


‘10 seconds and counting…Godspeed, John Glenn

The candle is lit. Life on the line.

Locked inside, he can only wait.

An arrow aimed at heaven.

Hearts pounding. The clock ticks.

Millions watch live,

as engines roar,

‘Set us free!’

The crew:





Copyright (Chris Owen 2019)

*On February 20th 1962, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth in his Mercury spacecraft, Friendship 7. In the historic trip Glenn passed directly over Perth, WA. As a greeting to the astronaut, many of the city’s councils, businesses and inhabitants turned on extra lights. Some even created special beacons using white bedsheets and their Hills Hoist washing lines. Glenn famously acknowledged the brightness of the lights and asked that the people of Perth be thanked for their efforts.

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