“STARMAN ENVY” by Kate O’Neil




(for Elon Musk)


When Starman blasted into space

he didn’t turn a hair.

He didn’t bother with goodbyes.

His tummy had no butterflies.

He had no sparkle in his eyes.

He didn’t seem to care.


This guy really blows my mind;

he’s totally bizarre.

He’s driving through the galaxy

as if that’s where he ought to be;

as if it’s really ordinary

to be there in a car.


That car alone would be enough

to make me start to drool.

Yet here he is among the stars,

maybe even seeing Mars!

His lack of interest really jars;

the man must be a fool.


How I wish they’d chosen me.

Why spend all that money

to realise an awesome dream

with such a failing in the scheme.

I think it’s crazy in the extreme

to waste it on a dummy.


©  Kate O’Neil

4 thoughts on ““STARMAN ENVY” by Kate O’Neil

  1. Well written Kate!
    Next thing he’ll join with Branson and another … we’ll have Elon’s Muskateers burning the outer stratosphere 😅

  2. Great fun, Kate. A really enjoyable read. Makes me want to hear all current affair commentaries in verse. Thanks very much.

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