“Its not a lot of Rubbish” Mary Serenc

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It’s not a load of rubbish.


No matter how much we ignore it,

No matter how much we look away,

Rubbish is part of our society

It’s sadly here to stay.


So don’t wrinkle your nose up,

Don’t just say ‘I quit!’

It’s time we took more control

And learned to manage it.


We need to remember

There are but few places it can go,

In the air, in the earth,

Or in oceans and waterways below.


So organise your garbage,

Recycle what you can,

Steer away from ‘disposables’,

And give excess packaging a ‘ban’.



Re-use that wrapping paper,

Give that compost heap a go,

Learn to live with less

And think more about what you throw.


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