“Its not a lot of Rubbish” Mary Serenc

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It’s not a load of rubbish.


No matter how much we ignore it,

No matter how much we look away,

Rubbish is part of our society

It’s sadly here to stay.


So don’t wrinkle your nose up,

Don’t just say ‘I quit!’

It’s time we took more control

And learned to manage it.


We need to remember

There are but few places it can go,

In the air, in the earth,

Or in oceans and waterways below.


So organise your garbage,

Recycle what you can,

Steer away from ‘disposables’,

And give excess packaging a ‘ban’.



Re-use that wrapping paper,

Give that compost heap a go,

Learn to live with less

And think more about what you throw.


” Mudpies for my Valentine” by Mary Serenc


Mudpies for my Valentine.


I stirred the mixture

and poured it in

each round hole

of the muffin tin.


I baked them

in the burning sun

and waited

till each pie was done.


Mudpies, Mudpies

For my Valentine.


I tapped them out

and served her three.

“Oh,” she said.

“Are these for me?’


She was just about to

take a bite

when she said,

“These don’t look right.”


Mudpies Mudpies

For my Valentine.


“You eat one first,”

she cried.

“Oh I’m not hungry,”

I replied.


She laughed

then placed her hand in mine,

my funny

clever Valentine.


Mudpies Mudpies

For my Valentine


“Big Cat” by Mary Serenc

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Big Cat


With bushy hair and golden eyes

I’m just a kitten in disguise.


Though roaring is so much more my style

Which can indeed appear hostile.


Whereas a tiny kitten’s purr

Makes people smile and stroke their fur.


And of course kittens prance around

Their four paws hardly touch the ground.


Occasionally I too like to play

But I mostly  laze throughout the day.


Though mice can be a tasty snack

It’s the larger animals that I attack.


By night I hunt and stalk my prey

Zebra and antelope for this gourmet.


Yes I’m the king of creatures great and small

The fiercest and most powerful of all.


But beneath this majestic mane of gold

Beats a kitten’s heart, so sweet and bold.

“Sea Stalker” by Mary Serenc

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Teacher Notes by Jeanie Axton

1. Brainstorm words that describe sharks in general

This could be a starting point


2. Look at the structure of a shark

3. Discuss students experiences of sharks and bring in the topic of shark safety

4. Now with all the brainstorming, knowledge and safety awareness of sharks start writing

5. Younger students could paste their poem in the shape of a shark for displaying in the classroom