“Planet of the Dogs” by Jeanie Axton

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Reverse our worlds

and you will see

That you dear human

can learn from me


A few simple commands

will have it down pat

Human Obedience class

get it right, get a pat


Here’s our training

my faithful friend

Planned by me

from start to end


Command 1: Get up


Get up Get up

sleepy head

The sun is up

get out of bed


Command 2: Walk


Walk time next

but no doggy lead

I’m ready now

and will not plead


Command 3: Heel


Heel no way

let me run

Training a human

is lots of fun


Command 4: Stop


Stop right now

yes at that tree

Every day

for my morning pee


Command 5: Talk


Talk to me

say nice things

I’m a good boy

among other things


Command 6: Sit


Sit on down

in front of me

Scratch my belly

if you please


Command 7: Wait


Sit there nicely

wait for a command

I may have a snooze

don’t be alarmed


Command 8: Drop it


Drop the book

you now are reading

Observe my eyes

see them pleading


Command 8: Bark


One bark means bacon

two barks a meat pie

Three barks a lie down

then a contented sigh


Command 9: Couch


Shift over a bit

I need more space

And a lambs wool rug

in my comfy place


Command 10: Bed


No longer I’ll sleep

in a box outdoors

Or in the winter

on the cold laundry floor


Command 11: Move over


Move over move over

on our king size bed

Let me stretch out

and please scratch my head


Command 12: I love you


I love our routine

Commands to impart

Human being playmates

Are really very smart

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