”Billy Joe” by Toni Newell


Billy Joe


Billy Joe is lots of fun,

Curly brown hair,

And a very long tongue.

He loves to play,

And runs around,

Picks up toys,

That make a sound.

He chases birds,

But mostly balls,

And always runs back

When he’s called.

He loves his dinner,

And his treats,

He loves his walks,

And meet and greets.

He loves to snuggle,

Head on knee,

And just close his eyes,

And snore quietly.

He almost loves us,

More than we love him,

If that’s at all possible,

For our love’s to the brim.



Toni Newell    20th May, 2019


2 thoughts on “”Billy Joe” by Toni Newell

  1. Lovely, Toni. It’s great to read (and write) about your love for your pet. We have a cat and we get perfectly how you feel about Billy Joe. Your poem brims with your love.

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