“A Pig And Cat” by Celia Berrell with Teacher Notes

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A Pig And Cat  


A pig and cat

decided that

they’d have a run

to see who won.


The cat was keen

and fit and lean.

The pig thought Drat

I’m way too fat!


And so first place

for running race

went to the cat

who wasn’t fat.


The pig and cat

decided that

they’d have a swim

to see who’d win.


The cat was cranky.

Almost sank!

While piggy gloats

Oh look I floats!


And so first place

for swimming race

went to that big

fat floaty pig.


Born to Run
If a cat were an Olympic athlete, the only marathon it might win would be in
sleeping. But watch out in the sprint events. The cat would leave its competitors in the dust. Oddly enough, it is the cat’s fondness for sleep that makes it such a speed demon. Sleep is its way of conserving energy for the explosive bursts of power it needs for a successful chase. More often than not, these brief, energy-sapping episodes of running prowess are punctuated by yet more slumber. But hunting is not the only arena for showing off a cat’s running ability. Sometimes its speed is put to the test when the cat itself is the target of a chase. Felines that survive in the wild, especially on open plains, rely heavily on their ability to run — much more so than domestic cats — because their habitats put greater onus on stalking and surprise attack. Given cause, though, all cats are gold-medal winners in high-speed pursuit.


Felis catus top speed (running)  29.8mph


Sus domestica top speed (running) 11mph


Most cats don’t like getting their paws wet, but this Persian puss can’t resist a paddle.


Most cats loathe water and react to it with panic and distress. However, there is one cat, the Turkish Van, that is fast becoming fame for its swimming talents. Equipped with a fine, dense coat and neck ruffle that thickens even more in the winter months, this breed will happily plung into water. There are Turkish Van individuals that do not enjoy water and this against-type behaviour could be due to the fact that several generations back even these cats would rarely be exposed to a lakeside environment like that of Lake Van, where the breed originated.


Pigs are quite buoyant, and you can actually float along without much effort, and the pig will support you entirely, sort of like an innertube. The pig was so happy at this point, that it took no notice of us at all-it´s shoe and hand biting tendencies seemed to have disappeared.

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