“When Music Makes a Sound” by Toni Newell


When Music Makes a Sound


The times were tense in Austria,

On the cusp of the war,

When the Nazi’s began their invasion,

Changing times forever more.

Those that loved their country,

Refused to cooperate,

And looked at trying to escape,

Controlling their own fate.

The Von Trapps’ were such a family.

Respected in their town,

Who entered a local pageant,

With a plan that was profound.

Singing as the Trapp Family Singers,

They chose the perfect song,

Allowing them to leave the stage,

Each one by one by one.

They all escaped to a waiting car,

And then to a Nunnery,

Where they waited to escape on foot,

Across the mountains they planned to flee.

But the Nazis tried to foil their plan,

And followed them right there,

But the Nuns’ refused to help,

The Trapps’ presence they wouldn’t share.

And whilst the Nazis’ looked for them,

One Nun disabled their car,

Which prevented them from leaving,

Allowing the Von Trapps’ to flee afar.


As the Von Trapps’ climbed the mountain,

Each in single file,

They sang their songs with gusto,

As they embraced their self-exile.

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