“The Lion King” by Toni Newell

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The Lion King


A lion

Is known to be tough,

But cheated by family,

Is certainly rough.

The rough and the tough,

Come together to be,

Simba, the lion cub,

In this touching story.


The loss of his father,

Is devastating,

And the guilt served by Scar

Convinces him,

To leave The Pride Lands,

And a new life begin.

He meets new friends,

Along the way,

Who come under threat,

On this particular day.

Nala, his past love,

Has them in her sight,

But Simba intercepts,

And saves their plight.

In love again, from her he hears,

What Scar has done,

And they decide to return,

To where it had all begun.



He challenges Scar,

With the support of his friends,

In an effort to reclaim Pride Lands,

But Scar does not give in easily,

With the Hyenas he takes his stand.

They fight a battle and Simba wins,

When Scar begs for his life,

And offers to betray the Hyenas,

Who are now in strife.

Simba agrees on the condition that,

Scar leaves Pride Lands forever,

But Scar has one last thrust at him,

Which ends up not being clever.

He survives the fall and stands to meet,

The Hyenas who overheard all,

And Scar thus meets his maker,

Leaving Pride Lands once and for all.

Simba and Nala now return,

Accompanied by their friends,

And reclaim the reign of the kingdom,

Where this story almost ends.

But the real end to this story,

Which makes it more the merry,

Is Simba and Nala sharing their news,

Showing their new cub to the assembly.

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