”Book Week” by Julie Cahill

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Book Week
Book Week comes and Book Week goes
To keep us on our tippy toes
Wondering what we all should wear?
Make-up, perfume, curly hair?
The theme’s diverse on stories read
Let me see, I’ll think in bed
I’ll tie my thinking cap up tight . . .
And stay awake for half the night
‘Harry Potter,’ he’s the guy
But Harrys will already fly
Into classrooms; out of books
Giving teachers cheeky looks
The Grinch – now he would make a scene
I’ll paint my face all slimy green
On second thoughts, maybe not
I’d end up like some slimy snot
How about a super Hero?
Batman, Spidy, to stir the marrow
But then again I am a girl
so feminine could take a whirl
Cinderella, Tinker Bell
Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel
Hey, I could grow my hair . . .
Not when we are almost there
Perhaps I’ll give the thought a miss
Write a story; use a twist
Yes, I know now who I’ll be
Here I come as crafty me

One thought on “”Book Week” by Julie Cahill

  1. I love your poem, I’ve been very busy myself with book week characters and also working out what my daughter will be wearing for her parade on Friday. Great poem, glad I stumbled upon it. xx

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