“Evolving Books” by Toni Newell

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Evolving Books


When I was very young,

My mother read to me,

And I met ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’,

And young ‘Heidi’,

Then there was ‘Charlotte’,

And ‘Koala Lou’,

‘Thomas the Tank Engine’,

And the ‘Gruffalo’.

When I was a little older,

And had learned how to read,

I met Enid Blyton,

Her ‘Famous Five’, I believe,

And later it was science,

And then literature galore,

Biology and math equations,

History, art, and even more.

And later in my life,

When the decision was mine,

I embraced murder mysteries,

Biographies and crime.

There is so much to choose from,

And so very much to learn,

But with technical evolution,

Let’s pray our books don’t burn.

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