“Farmyard Election” by Toni Newell

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Farmyard Election

At John Jackson’s farmyard,

There was a meeting held,

And all the animals were there,

To vote, as compelled.

They were voting for a leader,

And amongst themselves would choose,

Each could address the meeting,

And from that they’d win or lose.

The cow was the first to stand,

And gave out a loud ‘moo’,

He told them he was big and strong,

And very responsible too.

The pig got up to ‘oink’ a word,

And said it wasn’t true,

He was just as strong as the cow,

And cleverer too.

The chickens, geese and ducks arose,

To give their point of view,

But ‘squawked’ and ‘quacked’ amongst themselves,

Offering nothing new.

The horses and donkey stood together,

‘Heehawed’ and ‘neighed’ in chorus,

But were so loud they couldn’t be heard,

They were just a little too boisterous.

The sheep stood up and followed the goat,

Who  ‘bleated’ clear out loud,

But the sheep just  ‘baaed’ and ‘baaed’ and ‘baaed’,

Which didn’t please the crowd.

The rabbit hopped up to the stand,

Followed by the Border Collie,

But decided better to hop down,

For to remain would be a folly.

The Border ‘barked’ he was the smartest,

He could round up sheep and cows,

Chickens, geese and ducks, and more,

Even boars and sows.

All the animals parted,

To consider and cast their vote,

The ballot was counted with the result,

The Border Collie beat the goat!

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