“Kitty Says!” by   By J.R.Poulter with Teacher Notes

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Kitty Says!    



They’ve got you long necked lambkins,

You’re properly boxed in, hey!

Don’t you wish you could be me,

No fences bar my way!



As you can see, we have been shorn,

We feel so light and free!

When do you get clipped and snipped?



I DON’T! They let me be!


Teacher Notes

Same and different


Can the students pick elements that are the same and elements that are different relating to Llamas and cats?

Both animals are ‘Domestic’ animals. What does this mean?

Both animals have thick fur.

Llamas are shorn for their wool, much like sheep.

Cats are not.


Cats are carnivorous. What does this mean?

Llamas are herbivores. What does that mean?


Whilst Llamas can certainly jump lower objects, the fence in the picture is too high for them to jump.

The cat, however, has had no trouble jumping up onto the post!


Activity: what do you think the cat might be saying to the Llamas and what do you think the Llamas might be saying back? Discuss.

Activity: Write a short skit to act out in class, with parts for the llamas and the cat.


Activity: There is another word that sounds like ‘Llama’ but has a variation to spelling and with a different meaning. What is that word and what does it mean?

Activity: The word ‘cat’ can have other meanings. It can refer to a ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ person or to a person whose behaviour that is catlike (‘catty’ ‘cattish’ or spiteful, mean). Write a sentence that uses the ‘cool’ meaning for ‘cat’ and another sentence that uses the ‘spiteful’ meaning for ‘cat’.

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