“Toy Stories” by Marque Dobrow

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Locked inside a toy store:

My golden dream comes true.

Sixteen hours all by myself,

So much for me to do.


First I’ll have a slinky race,

Then wake up Jack In The Box.

Next I’ll grab a Lego kit

And build a giant fox.


An Xbox challenge will follow

Where I’ll come out Number One.

Then I’ll find a pogo stick,

And I’ve only just begun.


Now I play with GI Joe:

I give my best salute.

Then I easily win a game

Of Trivial Pursuit.


Time now for the skipping rope:

It cannot be so hard.

Some trickery I next will learn

From a pack of magic cards.


A jigsaw puzzle tests me out,

And then I fly a kite.

Do I have time to colour in?

Why yes, I have all night!


I wrestle with a teddy bear,

I wear a cowboy hat;

I fly a model aeroplane,

I swing a cricket bat.


A policeman taps upon the door,

I turn around, I’m grinning.

I guess he must have heard the sounds

Of my karaoke singing.


Fun’s over now, he drives me home,

My mind is filled with glee.

If only I could next be trapped

In the ice creamery.

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