“Wheels Song” by Katherine Gallagher with Teacher Notes

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I don’t know why I’ve got feet

when I could have had wheels,

for wheels go so much faster.


Imagine me flying down our street

not in my trainers or boots

but on wheels, with my ghetto-blaster.


Imagine people turning to stare

and all telling me to slow down

before I caused a disaster.


Imagine me gliding off into space

with a quick little nod to the Moon,

then simply going straight past her. . .


©Katherine Gallagher


Published in Through a Window, Longman, 1995)

Teacher Notes

Students might like to write a poem about something that belongs to them (for example, a bicycle,  an old car,  a scooter, a broom)  which suddenly takes off into space.  Describe the journey. Did they have any accidents? What did they see? smell? touch? hear? taste?

List everything that happened, using rhyme or free verse. Make it surprising and exciting.



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