“Holiday Capers” by Julie Cahill

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Holidays again?’asked a mum in perplexed doubt
‘I thought the children just went back to school
but that’s a nought.’
Nanny, on the otherhand says ‘bring the holies on-
Bring the children to our home
for as long as long is long
We’ll cut and paste; colour in; take the dog for walks
We’ll paint, and fill the pavements with hopscotch drawn with chalks
We’ll take the kiddies to the zoo
and feed the baby goats
We’ll feed the hungry children too;
wipe down their fed-up coats
We’ll feed the kids with snacks and treats
before we send them home
Nanny time repays my own, for blaming Mister gnome
But at the end of every day
with grandies in our care
We’ll reminise; thank sheer good luck;
be grateful you are there.’

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