“Christmas Tree Temptation” by Toni Newell

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They looked so very tempting,

The ball-balls on the tree,

Bright and multi coloured,

They were inviting me.

Some sparkled, others shiny,

Just hanging on the tree,

I jumped up and grabbed one,

And hid it happily.

I was alone in the house,

So, I stole another one,

I added it to my pile,

This was so much fun.

I jumped up for a third attempt,

When I heard the door,

My family stood in front of me,

Whilst I crashed to the floor.

“Billy Joe, you naughty dog”,

My owner yelled at me,

“How dare you take the ball-balls off,

Our beautiful Christmas tree”.

I bowed my head with regret,

And all that they could see,

Was the ball-ball in my mouth,

They laughed and patted me.

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