3 thoughts on ““I saw a Muttaburrasauras” by Jeanie Axton

  1. Dear Madam,I'm a poet,will You publish my new poem.Anna Banasiak setter brown dancer stretches on a lair and I comb her make manicure pedicure I admire her pirouettes Dnia 28 lutego 2020 23:31 Australian Children’s Poetry Website <comment-reply@wordpress.com> napisał(a):

    australianchildrenspoetry posted: "I saw a Muttaburrasauras

    From high up in a tree

    He stretched his skinny neck up

    And looked straight out at me


    Belching out a smelly burp

    He gave a little wink

    My nose I had to cover

    Eww! How dinosaurs stink!


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