“ The Sweetest Thing” by Toni Newell


The sweetest thing,

I’ve ever known,

Is not wrapped in paper,

But chews a bone.

It doesn’t rot teeth,

But loves to lick,

Loves to play,

With balls or stick.

Not brightly coloured,

Nor sticky or gooey,

It’s soft and cuddly,

Not hard or chewy.

It gives us pleasure,

Over time,

Not just a mouthful,

A moment sublime.

It is a friend,

In many ways,

Not just a binge,

On upset days.

The sweetest thing,

Isn’t a chocolate log,

But I think we all know,

It is the humble dog.

4 thoughts on ““ The Sweetest Thing” by Toni Newell

  1. Lovely Toni. Was it inspired by the ‘lolly’ exercise?
    I loved the collection of dogs below. We hada brown dachshund just like the first of them – called Vida after Vida Goldstein, whom Mum knew – it was Mum’s dog before she died.

  2. I presume this is you Toni – the dogs gave me a clue. The poem is delightful. Thank you for being such a charming and helpful team member and excellent bowls player. Kathleen Ralston

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