“How to have hygienic hands“  by Celia Berrell


How to have hygienic hands


Some harmful bugs

we’ve touched will hide

in crinkly creases,

moist or wide;

in crevices

and groovy spots

of which our hands

have quite a lot.


Make sure the soap

will never fail

to rummage under


And rub each

padded fingerprint

upon a palm

or handy dint.


Then soap and rub

each finger base –

those webby bits,

with fingers laced.

When rinsed and dried

our hands are ACE …

unless we touch

our nose and face!



3 thoughts on ““How to have hygienic hands“  by Celia Berrell

  1. Wonderful, Celia! Delivers the message and has as irresistible swing to it! Sounds like the Govt campaign might take some time to get into the mainstream. I wish someone would record this chanted by children with a suitable ambient background and make it available on Youtube. (Remember Happy Little Vegemites?) You’ve done a splendid job! It would make great publicity for the site.

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