“Dinosaur Dreams” by Toni Newell




I thought I saw a dinosaur,

Laying by a nest,

And in the nest were several eggs,

I counted six at best.

And next to it there were sat,

A young girl and a boy,

Both of whom were counting them,

Whilst looking full of joy.

The dinosaur didn’t move,

Looked on in quiet calm,

The children felt quite safe,

They wouldn’t come to harm.

But looking a little closer,

It seemed to make no sense,

Surely if they had been eggs,

She’d be nesting in her defence.

And then it did occur to me,

That they’d already hatched,

And it was only but a dream,

From a photo my mind had snatched


4 thoughts on ““Dinosaur Dreams” by Toni Newell

  1. Thank you Virginia. No I didn’t find the photo for Jeannie, it was the one that was used for the prompt, which inspired the poem. Hope you are keeping well and out of harms way. X

    • Trying to stay indoors and out of harm’s way. okay so far – hope you are too. Severely miss swimming – have to get round to another form of exercise, but never seem to. Virginia

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