“The Lazy Frog” by Monty Edwards

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I’m a green frog, serene frog,

A seldom ever seen frog,

Lolling on a lily pad and lazing in the shade.

For you see, I’ve found the knack

Of lying comfy on my back

And although you’ll think me slack,

I’ve got it made!


All is sweet now, complete now,

It’s time to rest my feet now,

Loving life on lily pads without a single care.

Ripples massage as I lie,

Looking blankly at the sky.

Who’s as lucky as am I

Found anywhere?


Something’s shifting! Oh, I’m drifting!

Now my lily pad is lifting!

It’s a duck that thinks I’m something nice to eat!

There’s no time to count to five,

I must leave and take a dive,

Since I’d like to stay alive

Complete with feet.

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