“Birdsong sounds” by Celia Berrell


Birdsong sounds


We can:

cackle like a Kookaburra,

hoot like an owl,

coo like a dove

or cluck like a fowl.

But some bird sounds

need whistling skills,

to copy Willie Wagtails

or Fairy-Wren trills.

While other birdsongs

are too hard to do –

screeching like Galahs

hurts my voice box too!


inspired by the Birds In Backyards website, where you can listen to 40 different Australian backyard birdsongs:

2 thoughts on ““Birdsong sounds” by Celia Berrell

  1. Brilliant Celia – and i particularly appreciated your reference to bird songs.Is a ‘magpie-lark’ what we in Vic call ‘mud-lark’ and NSWers call ‘Pee-Wit’? Thanks again, Virginia

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