“The Illusive Toy” by Toni Newell


The Illusive Toy


Whirr, whirr, bang, bang,

What a noise you make,

Spinning, spinning, all around,

I’m scared you might break.

You have a captive audience,

All mesmerised by you,

Darting here and darting there,

But seldom in our view.

You appear to be mysterious,

We don’t know what you are,

You dash in and out so quickly,

We only see you from afar.

My mind’s so undecided,

Is it just technology?

For I have no clue what it is,

Or what it’s meant to be.

2 thoughts on ““The Illusive Toy” by Toni Newell

  1. Toni , another interesting poem . Could be many things . The imagination runs wild could it be a top or racing car the list is endless . Loved it Bobbie

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