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Dance Steps


Down sunbeams

Through shadows,

Along the light dancing…


I see in your hand waves,

The flick of your lashes,

A glimmer of laughter,

A shimmered illusion

Of flight

But not quite…


Reflections in water


Stars in the sky pool


Over the shoulder


Smiles from my daughters


JR Poulter

Poem of the Day

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Who Is Outside?

by Jodie Davidson


I see you through the glass

I can’t hear any sound

Your feathers are multicoloured

You start to move around


You have funny extra toes

At the end of pointy feet

Lifting quickly up and down

To a very peculiar beat


When you begin to flap

Those spindly looking wings

Your beak opens and shuts

And your feathers start to swing


I wait for you to rise

Up high into the air

But you stay flat on the ground

And all I can do is stare


I ease a little closer

And softly I hear you tweet

A pretty little tune

To match your dancing feet


I open my small eyes wide

And take another step

I stretch my short neck forward

Then all of a sudden… ‘WACK’


That stupid piece of glass

That separates you from me

I’m going back to my home

I’ll watch you from my tree


  • This poem was highly commended in the 12th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition.