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Who Is Outside?

by Jodie Davidson


I see you through the glass

I can’t hear any sound

Your feathers are multicoloured

You start to move around


You have funny extra toes

At the end of pointy feet

Lifting quickly up and down

To a very peculiar beat


When you begin to flap

Those spindly looking wings

Your beak opens and shuts

And your feathers start to swing


I wait for you to rise

Up high into the air

But you stay flat on the ground

And all I can do is stare


I ease a little closer

And softly I hear you tweet

A pretty little tune

To match your dancing feet


I open my small eyes wide

And take another step

I stretch my short neck forward

Then all of a sudden… ‘WACK’


That stupid piece of glass

That separates you from me

I’m going back to my home

I’ll watch you from my tree


  • This poem was highly commended in the 12th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition.

Poem of the Day


Class Rules

 By Kate O’Neil


In my Australian school

in the days of Empire,

we dipped our nibbed pens

in ink that was royal blue,

and, by decree,

in ink of

no other colour.

Not the blue of the sea

which girt us

nor of the arching sky

in our land of the free.

Australians were loyal

and True Blue

was royal.


Britannia ruled the waves

and Britannia ruled

the ink.


Margins however,

were to be ruled

(exactly one inch,

giving no quarter)

in erasable pencil.