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A Goat Afloat

by Pat Simmons


I wear a silver collar, I’m a rather special goat.

Hooves firmly planted on the ground, but once I was afloat.


‘A goat afloat?’ I hear you say. It’s true. Ask Captain Cook.

Twice I’ve sailed around the world.

I’d like to write a book


Memoirs of my life at sea

Jottings by a goat

The good the bad the ugly facts

Of life upon a boat


Well, all right, ships

Let’s get it right


Dolphin and Endeavour

And with respect, I must say this,

I really hope I never set hoof again on either one.

Three years was long enough.

Giving milk for all that time quite frankly dears was tough.


Smelly sheep and smelly hens, smelly cattle too

Smelly cats and smelly dogs

And very smelly crew.

Snow and storms and slippery decks, fresh grass in short supply.

No other goats to chatter with to help the time pass by.

But now I’m home and quite well known

(My story’s in the press)

Enjoying my retirement, free from stormy seas and stress.


I wear a silver collar, I’m a rather special goat.

Hooves firmly planted on the ground, but once I was afloat.











Poem of the Day


A very peculiar rabbit

by Loretta Re


Listen to my stunning news

I met a rabbit wearing shoes

One was red and one was green

The oddest pair I’d ever seen

One had clips and one had laces–

Tangerine to match his braces

He had a pom-pom on his hat

No other clothes—imagine that!

Poem of the Day


Zoe’s Zoo

By Pat Simmons


Small jars, tall jars, boxes too,

Zoe needs them for her zoo.


In the garden, in the sun

is where she finds Exhibit One.

A caterpillar munching leaves,

Zoe stoops, rolls up her sleeves

and carefully with finger tips

(just in case this critter nips)

places it inside a jar.

Pops on the lid.

He won’t get far.


Crouching in a damp dark spot,

armed with just a yogurt pot

she spots a tell-tale silver trail.

Exhibit Two, a friendly snail.


With trusty trowel she fills a jar

then doesn’t have to dig too far

before she spots a sudden squirm.

Exhibit Three, a wriggling worm.


Exhibit Four sits in a box,

wearing gloves and scarf and socks.

His cage says, ‘Dangerous Beware.

Please Don’t Feed This Teddy Bear.’


A tiny cubby made from sticks

houses numbers Five and Six.

A beetle and a millipede

curled up like a shiny bead.


Exhibit Seven’s tied to a tree.

He’s rather dangerous you see.

A dinosaur might stomp around

and squish those caged upon the ground.


She needs to find Exhibit Eight

who’s sitting calmly on the gate.

Zoe has to pull and tug

to capture this majestic slug.


Now who will be the final two

to join the gang at Zoe’s Zoo?

She has to build a great big pen

to house Exhibits Nine and Ten.


Her work is done.

She gives a shout.

‘Mum and Daddy, please come out.’