Poem of the Day




Irascible Ivy was angry

As she watched children skip through the gate

Magic shouldn’t be easy

It made her feel queasy

Still she worried that she’d be too late


She knew the gate had to lead somewhere

Enchanted that land was for sure

So she structured a ladder

And couldn’t be gladder

Imagine the magic she saw!

Virginia Lowe
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #21


Poem of the Day




This portal

speaks to me of Narnia:

the last book, the last battle.


Long before Dr Who,

C.S. Lewis knew, we knew

of the stable bigger on the inside;


though that door was rough and wooden,

a portal can disguise itself

as a gate in a lichened stone wall.


But enter at your peril.

The Irish faery folk haunt castles

and barrows, and mortal souls


can wander their land for a day; returning

to find it is seven years or seventy.

And Narnia was a faery place.


Look, admire, beware; walk through –

only if you desire to be bewitched,

craving the adventure of your life.


Jaz Stutley


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #21