“Heroes” by Helen Katz

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The doctors and the nurses

Are constantly on call

To fight against this deadly thing

They’re heroes one and all.


The police and ambos working hard

To keep us safe and well

Are heroes too, they do their job

Despite this living Hell.


The check-out chicks and packers too

Contribute to the cause

By toiling still at this hard time

We offer our applause.


The people staying safe at home

And doing what they must

To keep apart and exercise

Obey and hope and trust.


We watch the heaps of videos

Of jokes and songs of hope

That people make to stay in touch

These heroes help us cope.


Thank God for Zoom and FaceTime

We see our kids and friends

When we’re allowed some virtual hugs

Until the nightmare ends!


This worldwide plight has shown to us

That heroes there abound

Who’ll find a cure and beat this bug

To make us safe and sound.


So, I’m a hero too, you know

By being true to me.

I stay inside and bide my time

Until we all are free.



“My Teddy Bear” by Helen Katz

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When I was born a gift was sent

From far across the sea

A teddy bear from USA

Mum’s pen-pal sent to me.


He kept me nice and warm in bed

I cuddled him all night,

But Ted was spewed on several times

Poor bear he looked a fright.


So Mum washed Ted time and again,

I’d never let him go;

At story time I’d hold him near,

He listened close, I know.


He was a constant friend of mine

Whenever I was sad,

Like back when I was seven years old

The time I lost my dad.


So Ted’s been through a lot with me

And still he lingers near

With scruffy fur and just one eye

And flippy floppy ear.


But as he’s nearly of an age

my lovely little bear –  

When Ted’s considered to be old,

A friend like him is rare.


So he and I will travel on

Till one of us is dead,

I hope like hell for my own sake

The first to go is Ted!


“Me and the Genie” by Helen Katz

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I was out in the garden

Just digging away

And planting some seeds

On this beautiful day,


When I dug up a lamp

Quite out of the blue,

It must have been magic,

I knew what to do.


I rubbed on the lamp

And a Genie appeared,

Not a beautiful girl

But a fellow I feared!


‘You’re disturbing my sleep!’

The Genie said.

‘This had better be good,

Or I’ll pummel your head.’


A gruesome beard

A devilish grin

I wished like hell

I could put him back in.


‘Well what do you want?’

The bully pursued.

‘Thank you for asking,’

I sheepishly mewed.


‘Now, get on with your wish,

I was having a dream

of a beautiful maiden.

We were sharing ice-cream.’


‘Really?’ I said,

And I laughed till I cried.

The Genie was miffed,

I had injured his pride.


‘I’m sorry,’ I said,

And he calmed down a tad.

‘So what is your wish?’

That made me feel glad.


‘I can’t wait all day’,

With his hands on his hips

I considered my choices,

This came to my lips:


‘I know what I want

for us both in the end.

Stay here in Carnegie

and just be my friend.’