“Me and the Genie” by Helen Katz

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I was out in the garden

Just digging away

And planting some seeds

On this beautiful day,


When I dug up a lamp

Quite out of the blue,

It must have been magic,

I knew what to do.


I rubbed on the lamp

And a Genie appeared,

Not a beautiful girl

But a fellow I feared!


‘You’re disturbing my sleep!’

The Genie said.

‘This had better be good,

Or I’ll pummel your head.’


A gruesome beard

A devilish grin

I wished like hell

I could put him back in.


‘Well what do you want?’

The bully pursued.

‘Thank you for asking,’

I sheepishly mewed.


‘Now, get on with your wish,

I was having a dream

of a beautiful maiden.

We were sharing ice-cream.’


‘Really?’ I said,

And I laughed till I cried.

The Genie was miffed,

I had injured his pride.


‘I’m sorry,’ I said,

And he calmed down a tad.

‘So what is your wish?’

That made me feel glad.


‘I can’t wait all day’,

With his hands on his hips

I considered my choices,

This came to my lips:


‘I know what I want

for us both in the end.

Stay here in Carnegie

and just be my friend.’

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