”Fisherman’s Daughter” by J.R. McRae

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Fisherman’s Daughter   by J.R.McRae


The fisherman’s daughter, she dances the fish!

She dances the fish in their silvery gowns 

All the way over,

All the way down,

“Come quickly, my pretties,

Come sliver-fire flash!

Show me your colours,

Leap high, wide and splash

Down into the fish-trap my father has set!”


The fisherman’s daughter

Weaves them a dance,

They follow her leading

Without backward glance.

She dances, she dances,

They leap and they dive

Mercurial lances,

That shoot the wave live!


She dances, she dances,

The foam horses prance

Down the long waves

Racing fish to the shore!

Wave horses turn,

But the fish can no more. 


She dances, she dances,

They follow entranced,

One after the other

They tumble and fall,

Flipping and thrashing

Held fast in her thrall!


Into the fish snare,

One after the other,

Unthinking, unblinking,

Their numbers enmesh,

Caught fast, 

A seething turmoil 

Of writhing flesh!


She laughs and claps

As the men draw the nets.

Her father smiles

But her fate is set,

For the deep sea demon saw and heard,

Reached out

And swept her

Away to the deeps

And there he has kept her.


Alone on the cliff-top ,

A lone figure weeps… 

J.R.McRae’s writes award-winning poetry/haiku [Blood and Other Essentials… poetry collection out soon], novels [Free Passage, Cats’ Eyes] & short stories. Included in Quadrant Book of Poetry, 2000-2010, Basics of Life [ALR Anthology], Trust and Treachery, Colours of Refuge, Antipodes, Social Alternatives. Artwork/photography features in Musings: A Mosaic, Best of Vine Leaves, Prints Rhyming Anthology. As J.R.Poulter, she writes award-winning children’s books and heads Word Wings Books. Websites: http://www.jrmcrae_subversive.weebly.com, http://www.jenniferrpoulter.weebly.com/  www.wordwings.wix.com/publishing   

Poem of the Day


Polite Pause



floating commas in

the tidal way of things,

eyes bulging the full stop

as the net drops.


We complain

sweet morsels are

a pain to peel,

much like meaning in

conversation over dinner.


Just don’t forget

to take the rubbish out.


Dead prawns like tide and time

wait only for

the exclamation mark.


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #25

Poem of the Day




The sun has set in hibiscus

Whose lips still faintly burn,

And now the moon and star drops

Drip down onto the fern.


The wind’s begun to whisper

Like a lover in the dark,

And trees caress each other

With hands of leaf and bark.


Love drawn birds are singing

Somewhere under sky,

And soft wings brush together

As they glimmer by.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #16

J.R.McRae is a published and awarded poet and fiction writer, who also writes award winning books for children and education  as J.R.Poulter. Word Wings is her collaborative.