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Moonlight Surprise


The moonlight shines brightly

casting dancing shadows afar.

A tiger prowls past

Creeping into the night.

Just behind a tree

a crouching black mystery

seems to be stalking

me in the deep,

dark, black night shadows.

But as I draw

closer and closer surprise!

For the black mystery

Isn’t a scary thing.

As the dancing moonlight

shines ever so brightly.

Then I see revealed

our dog Elmo hiding

behind a dark tree.

Elmo crouches and waits

to doggy surprise me

in the night so

that I’m never alone.

Karen Hendriks
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #16

Poem of the Day

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In the land of dreams,

All is not what it seems.

For no world is perfect.

You see, not even in the most beautiful imaginary places.


Lurking in the dark are sharks.

Ready to invade the place of great beauty,

To steal some of that sunshine away.

You see, sharks are drawn to beautiful imaginary places.


Best to turn on the light,

And cast the shadows aside.

Let the beauty sparkle in a golden glow.

You see, even the shadows are in beautiful imaginary places.


Let the sun shine and sparkle,

Casting all the dark shadows aside.

Then the stunning beauty can shimmer in all its glory.

You see, goodness and happiness are found in beautiful imaginary places.


When you allow them to glow.


Karen Hendriks


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #10


Poem of the Day


Hot Summer


It’s too hot to play,

So I snooze in the shade.

Lazing in the cool

of a massive fig tree.

Nature’s air conditioning.


It’s too hot to play,

So I dive in the salty sea.

Waves tickle me,

refreshing my body.

Nature’s swimming pool.


It’s too hot to play,

So I sit in a sudden breeze.

Cooling my sticky body,

blowing my hair.

Nature’s fan.


It’s too hot to play,

So I eat a fat watermelon.

Refreshing my dry mouth

trickling on my face.

Nature’s most refreshing treat.


Karen Hendriks
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #7



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Jumping, biting, annoying,

Sneaky little flea.

Scritch, scratch, scritch,

I have a terrible itch.


How do I ditch this itch?

A flea on board,

Becomes a terrible game.

Flea twister is no fun,

Trying to find the little biter.


Take off your clothes,

And jump into the sea,

Swim, dive, and float,

Surf a few waves.


No more itch,

Wash those clothes,

Peace at last,

No more sneaky little flea.


Karen Hendriks

Poem of the Day

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Is as hot as buttery toast.

Cooling dips to wash the sticky ickiness away,

Reclining in movies to munch on choc tops,

Chit chatting to friends to stay connected,

Soaking up joyous Summer freedom.


Summer fairs to laugh and whizz and bang on rides,

It’s okay to just be,

Baking hot sun is no fun,

An ancient tree to gaze underneath.


Summer breeze kisses my face,

Sea spray to tickles my salty toes,

Oh how I love the sea.

 Karen Hendriks

Poem of the Day

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Big, bubbles floating in the air.

Soapy, sudsy, spheres,

I can see my reflection in you.

Magical colours reflect,

Fragile and soft,

I make a precious wish.

To be free just like you,

To see the world in rainbow colours,

If I just look close enough,

I will see all the wonder and beauty,

That is all around.

Karen Hendriks
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2


Poem of the Day

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Useful, cheap, convenient,

Found everywhere in our seas.

Endless uses.

It floats, swims, travels,

Found in hungry bellies.

Entangles and traps sea life.


Our Sea

Once clean and pristine,

Full of plastic debris,

No longer free of you,

On the sea bottom,

On the sea top,

No escape from you.


Crying Sea

How much longer can the sea put up with you?

Or will the sea just become a murky plastic soup?

Please stop the plastic poisoning,

Before it’s too late.

Stop making useless waste,

That hurts and kills me.

Karen Hendriks