“Spring Whether” by Kristin Martin


Spring Whether

The weather in Springtime is very uncertain.

It can’t decide whether it’s hot or it’s cold.

It doesn’t know whether to pour or to sprinkle

or whether to simply keep raindrops on hold.


The weather in Springtime is quite indecisive,

and that’s why you’ll find in a week, or a day,

it’ll rain and be sunny and cold and too hot.

We never know whether we’ll go out to play!


This poem was first published in The Caterpillar, Issue 20, Spring 2018. (As this is an Irish publication, their Spring edition was published in March.)

The poem also appears on my website, http://kristinmartin.net



“The Catch of the Evening” by Kristin Martin


The Catch of the Evening

When the gully breeze bustled through the gums

skimming the heat from the day

we bowled out of the house

and set up stumps under the blue gum.

As always, the catches were what mattered.

Mum’s was the first.

She glanced up from yanking a thistle out of the hardened pitch

and plucked the ball from the air.

Jack caught me out on the full

ball clasped tight against his chest

his whoops and air-punches claiming more skill than he displayed.

Dad didn’t even get a look in

with his collection of one-hand-one-bounces

but I caught him mid-air with a spectacular leap from atop the slide.

Then, as the mosquitos herded us indoors,

I turned to grab the stumps and saw the uncontested winner.

Our blue gum. It had caught the moon

and was holding it triumphantly

in the crook of a branch.

by Kristin Martin