Poem of the Day


Secret Garden


The door looks like

part of the décor

and you need to be

in the deepest part of your mind

to recognise the place.

It smells of moss

and thousands of years

of water dripping.

It never rains here.

The pools reflect nothing

and nobody.

The only way in

is from the inside.


Jennie Fraine
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #11

Poem of the Day


My Secret Place

by Monty Edwards


Where can I find a secret space:

A place that’s just for me,

Where I can go and no one know,

Or looking, fail to see?


There none will tell me what to do,

Nor doubt that what I say is true.

Captain I’ll be – without a crew,

There in my secret place!


Joys that I have, who then, will share?

Who’ll cheer me up, when life’s not fair?

Who, when I’m hurt, will quickly care,

There in my secret place?


Here’s my new plan for what to do:

Search for a secret space for two!

No secret place that’s just for one

Can have all I want to make it fun.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #1Poetryprompt1

Author comment: Although time hidden away in private can be a welcome relief from people or situations, it has its drawbacks. I want readers young and old to recognise that we all need other people to truly enrich our lives and then take the initiative by being a friend to someone else.