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One sunny afternoon

on the footpath

near my home

a snail left a trail

of green and blue and black

which grabbed the attention

of both the art world and

the snail community

more and more snails

began to leave their

own winding trails of

every colour and hue

and soon there was

an abstract masterpiece

stretching all the way

from the hills to the city

which was front page news

all around the world

Glen Ewing
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #11

Poem of the Day

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I love to look at snails,

‘cos they’re slimy little things.

I like to see their silver trails

on the grass’s wrinkly fringe.


I love the eyes that vanish,

when I poke them with a stick.

I love the way their spotted shells

crunch from just a little kick.


Mummy says that’s naughty

and I shouldn’t be so cruel,

but she poisons her whole vegie patch,

who does she think she fools?


My sister, she won’t touch them,

‘cos they make her skin go crawly

so I stuffed one down her neck

and now she feels quite poorly.


Still, I’d love to have a snail

as a very special pet

I’d take it to the letterbox

so it could eat the mail.


I’d set it in a gutter,

on a leaf made as a boat.

Mummy told me not to,

‘cos it will never float.


I wouldn’t let it try to eat

my nanna’s pretty blouses,

or let it make a silvery trail,

upon my grandpa’s trousers.


I said I’d wash it in the sink,

I know it likes the water,

but Mummy said she didn’t think

that I had better oughta.


I’d like to take it into bed

to watch it slowly slither

but Mummy told me if I do,

I might just wake up dead.

(and not from the snail!)


I’ve learnt it’s cruel to poke snails’ eyes,

it’s mean to crush their shells.

So, what I’ll do is watch them trail

through Mummy’s garden patch,

but write a sign to warn them

that they may have met their match.

Alix Phelan

Poem of the Day


Buried Treasure

A pearly cluster of

tiny jewels,

part buried,



for your armour

to form.

Be cautious tiny spirals,

your eyes on stalks.

Stay in the low light

and be nervous of the night.

Listen for the ripple of rats

who may see your silver trail

and lick their lips.

Stay safe in the leaf litter

little ones,

small saviours of our ecosystems.

Your ancestors shared their world

with dinosaurs.

Please show us how to share.


Pat Simmons
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #20


Pat says: I’m fascinated by snails and sad to discover that more species of snail have become extinct in recent years than any other animal.