Poem of the Day


Wattle blooming

Sudden bursts of gold,

Sweeping colour bold,

By rivers, by roads, in country and town,

In farms and gardens, the wattle’s the crown.


Of the end of the winter, beginning of spring,

The blooming of wattle will sing and sing

Of birds in their nests and the warm days to hand,

For the wattle is blooming across the land.

Sophie Masson

Poem of the Day


Blue and red

by Sophie Masson


All the day long, the bluebird sings,

High in the trees, high on the wing.


All the day long, the red cow eats,

Moos and eats, moos and eats.


All the night long, the blue dog howls,

Keeps up the neighbours with his sad yowls.


All the night long, the red fox prowls,

Watch out you farmers, lock up your fowls!



Poem of the Day



The Magic Circus

by Sophie Masson


Hippogriff, hippogriff, where do you go?

I go to the city to put on a show.

Hippogriff, hippogriff, what will you do?

I’ll be the ringmaster, and here is my crew:

A dragon in top hat,

A werewolf acrobat,

A strongman, Mr Troll,

An elf who vaults the pole;

A phoenix on trapeze,

A goblin who rides fleas,

A witch to play the clown:

The circus comes to town!



Competition result

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There was a healthy response to the 11th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition for a poem suitable for a child up to 12 years. A good number of the 78 poems entered were thought to be suitable for publication; scoring on individual sheets reflects this. The average score (out of a possible 133) was 70.

Comments on each of the poems were made in good faith by the two judges, Dianne (Di) Bates and Bill Condon. www.enterprisingwords.com.au

The winners, after much deliberation, were as follows:


First prize ($150) Dianne Ellis of Wombarra NSW, with ‘The Family Cat’

Second prize ($100) Shey Marque of Two Rocks WA, with ‘Sometimes behind the Wallpaper’

Third prize ($50) Sophie Masson of Invergowrie NSW, with ‘Building Site Zoo’


Highly commended certificates were awarded to Pat Simmons, Sophie Masson, Michelle Lewry and Darrelle Spenceley.


This competition is run in the memory of my daughter, Kathleen Julia Bates (1971 – 1973).

All poets – and those interested in children’s poetry – are advised to read and follow the blog, Australian Children’s Poetry http://wwww.australianchildrenspoetry.com.au which lists competitions for children’s poetry and other valuable opportunities.

Di Bates

Poem of the Day


Sea song


I took my teddy down to the sea

Thinking what fun it was bound to be,

But he took one step and his paws got all wet

He doesn’t want to go for a swim just yet.


I took my budgie down to the sea,

Thinking what fun it was bound to be,

But he took one look and he flew away,

He just won’t go to the sea today.


I took my puppy down to the sea,

Hoping she’d love it just like me.

She barked at the waves, then ran in to play,

I think we’ll stay at the sea all day!


© Sophie Masson