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Star Wishing

Space was a glittering,

Glamorous eyeful

So I wished for a star—

But I got a sky full.

They covered the floor

Like sparkling snow;

They lit up the house

With a dazzling glow.

They caught in my hair,

They filled up my lap;

They poured like diamonds

From the kitchen sink tap.

The Milky Way draped me,

A burning white shawl.

Constellations were bright

Works of art down the hall.

The Southern Cross

Pointed me onto the lawn.

I looked to the sky;

It was bare and forlorn.

So I wished them away;

They returned to the night.

I should not wish again.

I should not—but I might.

Jessica Nelson

Poetry Prompt #35

Jessica said: Star Wishing is my response to 2016 poetry prompt #35 (Stars). I read a lot of picture books and I’ve noticed that wishing for (and often getting hold of) a star is  a common theme. This made me wonder how things would go if instead of getting one star, the wisher got a galaxy’s worth.


Poem of the Day


A Star Turn


Twinkle star, Twinkle bright!

A clamour of glamour across the night!

Little stars, eyes alight,

Tutus and tights, bold and bright!


How do I look? Have I got it right?

Will I look a lovely sight?

Please, don’t let me get stage fright…

Oh I’m trying with all my might!

I SO want my star to shine tonight!

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #35

Poetry Prompt #35

Poem of the Day

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I tiptoed to the window –

suddenly I could see

the stars come marching,

blinking at me.


When I woke next morning

they had gone away,

and the dark had unwrapped

a brand new day.

(From Somewhere in the Sky, Nelson Blackie,1996)

Katherine Gallagher


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt 22

Katherine says: When I saw your cat, moon and window full of stars for Poetry Prompt #22, I was reminded of my poem ‘Night’ and watching the stars make their slow entrance, then exit.