Poem of the Day



by Virginia Lowe


They found a cave one summer

on the beach front

A yew tree flourished above

held by roots

clutching the walls

Underneath was dark and cool


Secluded and safe

no one knew they were there

They stored drinks

a rug to sit on

Over weeks

they played pirates

treasure hidden on a root-shelf

at the back.


The creaks and groans

only added to the atmosphere

until the Sunday

of a summer storm

when they sheltered there

8 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

    • thanks again. i thought it might be a first glimpse of irony for kids, or at least reading more than the words say – but maybe i’m expecting too much from them – too big a jump. What do you think? Well, you’d have liked another stanza, so…

    • Hello Janeen. Short and Twisted 2017 liked the ominous ending and are publishing it, so that’s good. I’ve had quite a bit of success with poetry of late…Virginia

  1. Thanks for this, Lynelle. I hope Henry Kendall’s work is still taught – at at least discussed – in schools. He was one of the greats of the early days of Australian poetry. My favourite of his is Bellbirds. It’s a classic, as he was.

    • Certainly “Bellbirds’ was discussed in NSW schools, back when hubby John was in school. he still knows it. But i don’t think they learn poetry by heart any more – which is a great shame – it lives with you forever,if you learned it young. Thanks Bill.

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