Poem of the Day



by Pat Simmons


Our feet make a crackling

crunching sound

as we walk.

We stop


crouching down,

discover another world.

A world of mini workers

caring for our environment.

Beetles breakfasting,

Meandering munching millipedes,

Snails, showing off their spirals,

Earthworms turning the soil.


Lives under leaf litter

A secret space.


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #1


Pat says: Ever since I was a child I’ve loved mini beasts (some would call them creepy crawlies). During my career in children’s services as a child care educator, teacher and trainer I delighted in sharing my passion with children by taking my ‘minibeast family’ to child care centres.
As a writer, they still inspire me and, yes, I still have a collection of critters including stick insects and rain forest snails.

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