Poem of the Day


Colours of Courage

by Monty Edwards


When I see both red and white,

I think about a fabled fight

That took place long ago.

A soldier brave rode out to save

A maiden from a dragon’s cave.

That dragon was his foe!


With lance aloft and poised to pierce,

George rode toward that dragon fierce

And struck a lethal blow.

Then all at once its fiery breath,

Extinguished by its sudden death

Was scarcely seen to glow!


The horse, once white, was quite a sight

With blood-red smears gained in the fight:

A most courageous steed!

Without his horse, St George, of course,

Would hardly be a fighting force

And likely, first to bleed!


In fighting flame, George made his name.

When vict’ry came, he gained great fame.

“The man’s a saint!” folk cried.

Now freed from fear and full of cheer,

They praised St George one day each year,

Long after he had died.


The story grew as stories do.

I fear that few may think it true.

I leave the verdict up to you.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #9

Poetry Prompt#9

Author Comment: Lacking inspiration, I began to focus on the colours in the prompt, rather than the shapes. I grew up in the St George district of Sydney, my sisters attended St George Girls’ High School, while I followed and participated in St George sporting teams, all featuring red and white in combination. It was time to research the legend and begin to acquaint a new generation with it.

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