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White Button, Red Button


If everything is going well,

And you can say, “I’m feeling swell!”

Then press the button on your right.

It’s cool and calm and painted white.


But if your life is in a mess,

The red button’s the one to press.

Sound the alarm, in just a tick,

We’ll all join in and “PANIC!”

Lynelle Kendall
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #9

Poetry Prompt#9



Poem of the Day


Colours of Courage

by Monty Edwards


When I see both red and white,

I think about a fabled fight

That took place long ago.

A soldier brave rode out to save

A maiden from a dragon’s cave.

That dragon was his foe!


With lance aloft and poised to pierce,

George rode toward that dragon fierce

And struck a lethal blow.

Then all at once its fiery breath,

Extinguished by its sudden death

Was scarcely seen to glow!


The horse, once white, was quite a sight

With blood-red smears gained in the fight:

A most courageous steed!

Without his horse, St George, of course,

Would hardly be a fighting force

And likely, first to bleed!


In fighting flame, George made his name.

When vict’ry came, he gained great fame.

“The man’s a saint!” folk cried.

Now freed from fear and full of cheer,

They praised St George one day each year,

Long after he had died.


The story grew as stories do.

I fear that few may think it true.

I leave the verdict up to you.

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #9

Poetry Prompt#9

Author Comment: Lacking inspiration, I began to focus on the colours in the prompt, rather than the shapes. I grew up in the St George district of Sydney, my sisters attended St George Girls’ High School, while I followed and participated in St George sporting teams, all featuring red and white in combination. It was time to research the legend and begin to acquaint a new generation with it.