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Seeking Stardom


There was a young man who once bought a guitar.

His goal was to strut on the stage as a star,

But when plucking a string,

It just broke with a “ping”,

So he gave up and didn’t get far.


Another young man bought a fine tennis racquet.

He dreamt of success that would make him a packet.

But his strokes were all wrong:

Balls he hit went too long.

When he saw any ball he’d just whack it!


 A third wanted fame with a bat, playing cricket.

He went for a six, but fell onto his wicket!

“Owzat!?” came the shout.

Then the umpire cried: “Out!”

So, for fame then, the bat was no ticket.


 Monty Edwards
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #35

Poetry Prompt #35

Monty says: For would-be stars, the right equipment is only one ingredient for success.

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