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This Is Me!


Morning sun throws out gold to fill up the sky,

I wake, thoughts wash through my brain as I lie.


I eat in a room full of joy and sunshine

And vow to myself that this day shall be mine.


I pack up my things and climb on my bike

And pedal and pedal, this is just what I like!


Happiness bubbles I recognise glee,

I dance and I twirl. This is me, this is me!


I pedal back home with a smile on my face,

I need no one to tell me I’m in just the right place.


The moon rises up as I sink into sleep

And dreams take my soul to a midnight blue deep.

Patti Bourne
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #42
    Prompt5Patti said: I love sing song poetry for children and this one was written for my ‘child self’!

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