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This Is Me!


Morning sun throws out gold to fill up the sky,

I wake, thoughts wash through my brain as I lie.


I eat in a room full of joy and sunshine

And vow to myself that this day shall be mine.


I pack up my things and climb on my bike

And pedal and pedal, this is just what I like!


Happiness bubbles I recognise glee,

I dance and I twirl. This is me, this is me!


I pedal back home with a smile on my face,

I need no one to tell me I’m in just the right place.


The moon rises up as I sink into sleep

And dreams take my soul to a midnight blue deep.

Patti Bourne
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #42
    Prompt5Patti said: I love sing song poetry for children and this one was written for my ‘child self’!

Poem of the Day


The Happy Cricket


There was once a little cricket,

Who was happy as could be.

He was chirpy before breakfast.

He  was chirpy after tea.

He was chirpy when the sun rose

He was chirpy when it set.

When it comes to being chirpy,

No more chirpy could you get!


At one time when he was chirping

As the sun came up at dawn,

He was hopping through the flowers;

He was jumping on the lawn;

But, quite suddenly, a sprinkler

Shot him with a shower of spray

And he didn’t feel like chirping

Till the sprinkler went away.


Now this jolly little cricket

Really  loved to have a dance,

He would look around for partners

When he ever had the chance.

They would waltz around the kitchen;

They would jig right down the hall.

Where they really kicked their heels up

Was the weekly cricket ball!


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #23

Poetry Prompt #22

Monty says: Lacking inspiration, I tried imagination and hit on a cricket ball!

Poem of the Day


Sound advice


Sometimes when you’re out of sorts

and wound up like a spring

or plagued with nasty, angry thoughts

it really helps to sing.


Sing out loud, you can’t go wrong,

sing anything you choose.

There’s nothing like a happy song

to chase away the blues.

Jenny Erlanger
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #22

Poetry Prompt #22