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Look up at the tree, can you see a hole in the trunk?

That could be my home, the place where I bunk

A squirrel that’s me, sporting the most incredible, amazing fluffy tail

It snaps over my head like an umbrella when it looks like it might hail

I use it for balance and my sharp claws are to climb

My teeth are big and chunky and they grow all the time

I scamper around collecting seeds, nuts and lots of stuff

And I hide them for winter when there is never enough

If I am suddenly frightened like a statue, I freeze

Then no-one will see me unless “OH NO” I accidentally sneeze

Look at me. I am cute. Then why am I thought of as being a pest

Rubbish I say. If I live in your garden you are truly blest

Catherine Knapton
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #30

Poetry Prompt #30




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