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Look up at the tree, can you see a hole in the trunk?

That could be my home, the place where I bunk

A squirrel that’s me, sporting the most incredible, amazing fluffy tail

It snaps over my head like an umbrella when it looks like it might hail

I use it for balance and my sharp claws are to climb

My teeth are big and chunky and they grow all the time

I scamper around collecting seeds, nuts and lots of stuff

And I hide them for winter when there is never enough

If I am suddenly frightened like a statue, I freeze

Then no-one will see me unless “OH NO” I accidentally sneeze

Look at me. I am cute. Then why am I thought of as being a pest

Rubbish I say. If I live in your garden you are truly blest

Catherine Knapton
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #30

Poetry Prompt #30




Poem of the Day



Squirrel Sightings


Have you ever seen a squirrel? You may think them rather cute,

But they’re certainly not stupid, for they’re really quite astute.

They take notice of the weather when the winter’s on its way

And store all the food that’s needed for each coming frosty day.

For that is when they snuggle in the hollow of a tree,

Or they hide among the bushes where they’re difficult to see.


Every squirrel’s quite a builder when it wants to make a nest

So that as things get much colder there’s a place for warmth and rest.

If you should see a squirrel when you’re at the park to play,

Don’t be too disappointed if the squirrel darts away.

Watch him hurry, scamper, scurry, for you’ll seldom see him walk.

Perhaps he’s just too busy to take time to stop and talk.


Monty Edwards
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #30

Poetry Prompt #30

Monty says: I enjoy writing poetry for the opportunity it gives to inspire, challenge or entertain people I may never meet personally. I also enjoy attempting to conquer such constraints as form, meter and rhyme by my choice and arrangement of words in order to produce my own unique response to a theme or prompt. For me it is like tackling a complex puzzle for which there may be many possible solutions, but few that are completely satisfying as an offering to potential readers.